Tools for Integrating Video
Across the Curriculum

Click on the LP or IB icons in the chart below to download the associated ICE Lesson Plan or ICE Breaker.

Lesson Plan Topic Video Title Diagnosis
Basic Tenets
Interview, Screening
    and Evaluation
Intervention Plan
Context of Service
Designing Meaningful Treatment Plans Femur Fracture THR                        
Respiratory Issues in Acute Care Ventilator Part 1 COPD
Improving Interview Skills Assessment in Acute Care, Part 1 Stroke
Facilitating Sit to Stand Sit to Stand Stroke
Documenting Levels of Assist IADLs: Washing Dishes Stroke
Dealing with Frustration Self Care: Dressing Stroke
Treatment for Visual Deficits Initiating Treatment Stroke
Scar Mobilization Total Knee Replacement TKR