Interprofessional Education

Teaching Strategies

I've created this tip to save you time in selecting the most relevant videos in the ICE Video Library to teach IPE. I've also included some Teaching Strategies for introducing IPE in your curriculum. But you certainly aren't limited to these few suggestions, you can create your own!

The following suggestions should be modified relative to the skill level of your students (basic, intermediate or advanced). At an introductory level, you might show (or assign) one or two videos and discuss them in class. At an advanced level, you could assign all videos of a specific patient and create more in-depth learning activities/assignments for your students to complete.

Possible Topics

  • Compare and contrast methods of collaboration between PT and OT
  • List examples of appropriate interprofessional communication
  • Identify the roles & responsibilities of each therapist
  • Organize the patient session video into a SOAP note